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TC75: Season 2, Episode 28 – Tom May from The Menzingers Drinks Mysterious Coffee and Talks About The Band’s Creative Evolution

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I’ve chased this interview for years. The Menzingers are without a doubt one of my favourite bands. Having been a fan for so long, I feel as though I’ve grown up with them in a way, experiencing the weirdness of being in your 20s in an age where everything seems primed to keep us in a state of suspended adolescence.  Their earnest and sincere songwriting won me over from the moment I first heard ‘Chamberlain Waits’, and I’ve stayed with them ever since. A lot of their thoughts echoed my own as I drifted through my 20s and into my 30s. It was surprising and wonderful to find out that their new album is a meditation on what it’s like to move into your 30s, and I think that’s got a lot to do with why ‘After the Party’ resonates with me so much.

Tom is a very nice chap. Let that be said from the outset. Continuing to be humble in the wake of their continued success. In many ways, it feels like The Menzingers have been building up to ‘After the Party’, and as Tom discusses in the interview, they’ve looked at each record as the next one towards the perfect Menzingers’ record. Perfection is impossible of course, but progress is not and it was really awesome to be able to spend some time talking to Tom about that progress, their drive to keep at when everyone was telling them to stop, and so much more.

Also, I’m fairly sure the interview took place in the world’s most echo-y room. But hey, ambience amirite?

I hope you enjoy this interview.

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