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The Curator Podcast: Episode 16 – Josh Bannister from Milk Teeth

This is the last of the interviews I conducted at Hevy festival back at the start of August, and is a pretty great short and sweet conversations with Josh from Milk Teeth.

The band had just played their set on the main stage not long before this interview, and in a bizarre twist of fate it turned out that Josh and Becky were being interviewed by the people who were in the tent next to us mere moments before this chat.

You’ll also be glad to know that I was sober for this one.

Highlights include:

  • Playing shows both for the fans that love it and for themselves
  • Creating art is selfish, even when you’re doing it to a crowd
  • Being okay with the fact that not everyone likes your music
  • They used to get angry that people wouldn’t be into their music at shows but now they do just do it for themselves and for the fans that love it
  • You have to want to do it because you need to go through playing to people who don’t care and busting your ass for very little before you get to the place where people appreciate you
  • Being very humble about the opportunity he and his band have to make music
  • Elliott Smith and the way he stopped wanting to play live but had to do it anyway
  • You have to be realistic with yourself and your motivation because you never know when that passion will vanish
  • Why the band don’t play songs from their first record anymore
  • How the meaning of songs can change over the years
  • Honesty is absolutely key on stage

Josh is a really intense dude who quite clearly loves playing music more than anything else. Milk Teeth’s music might be closer to grunge than anything else, but Josh’s songwriting style is more akin to someone like Elliott Smith in its thoughtfulness.

After this interview we spent another five minutes talking about the brilliance of Elliott Smith. I’m a big gutted that I turned off the recorder at that point but as you’ll be able to tell towards the interview there was some kind of light aircraft hovering right over our heads which was making it difficult to hear anything properly.

Nevertheless, despite the shortness of this interview I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

Featured Music

Intro: Voodoo Puppets – Electric Chair Blues (used under CC licence, you can check it out here).

Milk Teeth – Vitamins
Milk Teeth – Trampoline

I make no claim to the copyright of any of the music in this episode.

Image courtesy of Noise Cannon.


You can check out Milk Teeth on Twitter and Facebook. Josh’s twitter account can be found here.

You can download their EP ‘Sad Sack’ in just about every online place imaginable, but it’s best to go through their bandcamp.

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