TC74: Season 2, Episode 27 – The Return of Conor Anderson from Dialects, Talking About the Creative Process Behind Their Debut Album and Much More

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I like looking in on previous guests with this podcast. It’s good to check in and see how things have been.

We’re back to the start with this one. Conor was my first guest on this podcast, and with the release of their long anticipated, and slightly delayed, debut album, it seemed only fitting to bring him back on to the show so we could talk about their fortunes in the two and a half years since our previous conversation.

Things have changed for the band since our first chat. They’ve lost members, gained new ones, toured extensively, recorded in legendary surroundings and went through all the different stages a new band goes through as they find themselves and their sound.

Talking to Conor made me realise how far we’ve both come since this wee podcast began. Our approaches to our creative ventures have changed over the years but we’re still in it, doing our own things, learning as we go along and absorbing new information in the process. In the whole time I’ve been doing this podcast Dialects are the only band I’ve featured who I’ve known since the beginning of their career.

It’s been great to see his band grow. I’ll never forget our first chat in the back of their tour van. It’s exciting to follow the growth of a band from the beginning, to see them realise the potential that you always presumed they had.

Makes you wonder if it’s the same for everyone.

I hope you enjoy this conversation.


You can check out Dialects on their bandcamp page, over on their Facebook page, or you can hop on over to their Twitter page.

You can order their debut album ‘Because Your Path is Unlike Any Other’ here.

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