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The Curator Podcast – Episode 7: Jonah Matranga

Usually I try (with varying levels of success) to use these show notes to provide some context for the episode, but the fact of the matter is that this one is just so rich, so loaded with meaning and intention and love and weirdness, that I’d really rather you listened to the episode and not have the surprise of it ruined.

But that’s unfair. Of course it is. You want to know what value this episode provides to you, and to do that you need context.

I’ve known of Jonah Matranga for many years, and we met once a long time ago. Everyone that I know who’s met him always says that same thing – he’s such a nice guy. That’s true, he definitely is. You get a good sense of that in the interview. He’s also a very passionate and engaging guy. At some point in the interview I ask him a question which I hadn’t seen many people ask him before, a kind self-evident one: what musicians led you down the creative path? Jonah explodes with passion about his favourite artists, the records he loved when growing up, the things that gave him that creative spark. It’s those moments that make this podcast worthwhile.

Some highlights:

  • Two week bursts of touring giving the illusion that he’s always on the road
  • Being productive
  • Family
  • Finding love in new places like Dunlop
  • How Dunlop became a thing (it’s his fourth time in as many years in this tiny village outside Glasgow)
  • How it is literally impossible to act like a rock star of any kind when you’re playing in a bowling club
  • How this is DIY and punk rock at its very core
  • Why treating people well is important and how learned how not to treat people through years of being a musician
  • The things that break musicians
  • Not having that aspiration to super stardom despite the allure of money
  • The Beatles, Joe Jackson, The Who, Jackson Browne, Mission to Burma, O Negative
  • Working with J. Robbins and how Jawbox were something of a blueprint for Far’s approach to labels
  • The IDEAS project

Dunlop is a small, sleepy village just outside of Glasgow. It’s about twenty minutes on the train from the city centre and feels so…distant from those big city lights. The gig took place in a bowling club; the interview took place outside next to the bowling green; the venue served food in between each of the two gigs he played that day and everyone there, young and old, had an appreciation for this man from a world away. Then there was me, some stranger who was imposing himself on what felt like the most intimate experience I’ve every had an in any venue.

All the while there’s Jonah, breathing in every last second of it, super appreciative of everything that’s going on.

That show was all for him and somehow, it also wasn’t.

I hope you love the episode as much as I do. I think it’s the best so far.

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Featured Music

Intro: Voodoo Puppets – Electric Chair Blues (used under CC licence, you can check it out here).

Jonah’s Onelinedrawing – I Really Love Yr Company,
Onelinedrawing – We Had a Deal,
Jonah Matranga – It’s the Skin.

‘I Really Love Yr Company’ and ‘It’s the Skin’ can be found on Jonah’s bandcamp alongside a whole bunch of very cool, very amazing stuff. You can find ‘We Had a Deal’ on the Onelinedrawing album ‘Volunteers’ over on the Jade Tree Records bandcamp, or on any streaming services you care to imagine.


Jonah is a very active internet user and his website is a magical place where you can see awesome stuff and get in contact directly. Also, the IDEAS Project is cool as fuck. Be sure to check that out.

You can also find Jonah on Facebook and Twitter.


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