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The Curator Podcast – Episode 8: Lags and Stu from Gallows and Venn Records

You have to wait for good things.

This interview was the third one I conducted. It’s also the first and only episode where I’ve interviewed more than one person. This was not by design, and it was extremely lucky that I’d brought a shotgun mic with me, otherwise I’d have been screwed. I also had a friend on hand to help. So thanks must go out to David Rees. He’s a good sound recordists and an even better guitar tech.

This was a total pain to edit, particularly because Departures (who are a great band, by the way) started playing pretty much the second I hit record.

What transpired was, I think, a pretty good interview. The whole band were in the room at the time, but Lags and Stu were really the ones who wanted to talk. The interview is kind of split into two parts. Not deliberately, it just so happens that the conversation kind of went that way. First half is about Venn, second half is about Gallows. There’s a Milk Teeth track in between because goddamn they are good.

Highlights include:

  • The ethos behind Venn Records
  • The reason Venn Records was formed
  • How Gallows is harder to organise than it used to be now that they spread out all over the world
  • And how Venn is actually easier because it’s mostly done by email
  • How Scandinavian hardcore bands were the biggest influence on the band
  • When they realised that the band was going somewhere
  • How luck played a big factor in their rise to fame
  • Where they fit into the punk/hardcore scene in the early days
  • The way their sound has shifted over the years
  • The way the band has went from playing small venues to huge venues and now back to small again
  • And a whole bunch of great bands were mentioned: Beecher, D-Rail, Send More Paramedics, November Coming Fire, JR Ewing, Cave In, Milk Teeth, Liber Necris, Baby Godzilla (who are now called Heck) Jesus Fucking Christ and Marmozets.

This interview was quite daunting for me. I’ve been a fan of Gallows since Orchestra of Wolves came out in 2006 and I’ve also been a fan of Alexisonfire forever, so to walk into a room to be greeted by a bunch of guys I have some serious respect for was an awesome and nervy experience.

The ethos behind Venn Records really appeals to me, and their approach is refreshing compared to many other labels. It was great to hear them talk about that in the interview.


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Featured Music

Intro: Voodoo Puppets – Electric Chair Blues (used under CC licence, you can check it out here).

Gallows – Chains,
Milk Teeth – Vitamins,
Gallows – Cross of Lorraine.

‘Chains’ is taken from Gallows new album Desolation Sounds. ‘Cross of Lorraine’ is taken from their last album, which is self titled. ‘Vitamins’ is taken from Milk Teeth’s EP Sad Sack. You can find all of these for sale at Venn Records. Milk Teeth’s EP is also available from Hopeless Records in America, and you can find Gallows’ latest album on Bridge 9 in the US.

Be sure to check out the Venn Records website for a ton of great bands.


You can find all of the aforementioned releases over on Venn Records. You can check out Venn on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also find Gallows on Facebook and Twitter.

Milk Teeth’s EP can be found here. You can also catch them on Facebook and Twitter.

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